Internet Conspiracy Theorists Have Weighed In What They Think Really Happened To Sherri Papini

Internet users have weighed in on the Sherri Papini abduction, and claim that the entire ordeal might have been staged. The California mother-of-two disappeared on November 2, and was held for three weeks before being released 150 miles away from her residence in Redding.

The 34-year-old was reportedly out for a jog when she was kidnapped. On Thanksgiving Day, Papini's captors released her on the side of the highway.

When she was found, Papini was beaten and bloodied. Her hair had been cut, she'd lost 15% of her body weight, and she had been "branded" by the abductors, according to The Sun.

There are a slew of details about the case that have confounded Internet users, and everyone interested in the investigation.

Here's why conspiracy theorists believe that the kidnapping was staged:

1. Sherri's Hair

One detail that has caused suspicion is that Sherri's husband, Keith, maintained that Sherri's hair was cut by her abductors. However, the driver who found her on the highway after she was released said that she had long blond hair.

“I saw a woman, a woman with long blonde hair by the side of the road frantically waving what looked like a shirt,” the woman said during an appearance on Good Morning America. “I figured if she was willing to risk being hit by a car she must really need help.”

2. Weight Loss

The weight loss that Sherri reportedly experienced caused suspicions. Keith Papini explained that she was "emaciated" from the drastic change in her body composition. However, because speculation surfaced that Sherri had an eating disorder in high school, skeptics claim that she should not have been "emaciated" at the weight she was at when she was found.

3. The Hospital Visit

Despite reports that Sherri was found beaten, bloodied, and bruised, she didn't even stay one night at the hospital. This seems particularly strange considering the condition that Sherri's husband described her to be in when she was released.

4. Breast Implants

A Redditor claimed to hear rumors that Sherri had a breast augmentation surgery only two weeks before being kidnapped. If the rumor is true, a woman who recently underwent this type of procedure would more than likely not be out jogging so quickly after surgery.

5. The Anonymous Donor Offering To Pay Ransom

When Sherri Papini was allegedly abducted by two Hispanic women, there was no ransom ever demanded by the captors. However, an anonymous donor offered nearly $50,000 for her release in an online message. This could be a possible signal of foul play involved in the case.

6. Anonymous Source Claims Sherri's Staged Abduction Before

An anonymous source told Heavy that back in 2006, Papini's "extended family" revealed that she had pulled a similar stunt before.

Whatever truly happened to Papini may still be a mystery, but be sure to check out the five most bizarre crime stories here that are equally as perplexing.

What do you think happened to Sherri Papini?


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