Iggy Azalea Snaps Picture Of Her Getting Lasers Shot Into Her Head

Iggy Azalea shared a bizarre selfie she took while getting lasers shot into her head.

The "Fancy" rapper was apparently having a high-tech skin procedure that required the doctor to draw strange markings all over Iggy's cheeks and forehead.

Just being a little weirdo getting laser beams shot into my head and stuff

A photo posted by Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic) on

The 26-year-old musician posted the photo on Instagram with the caption: "Just being a little weird getting laser beams shot into my head and stuff."

Azalea's doctor posted the same snap on his Instagram account. He shared the photo with the caption: "Earlier today, seeing our fave Ms. Iggy Azalea @thenewclassic for a face building up skin collagen and elasticity. Prevention = the best medicine #repost #IggyAzalea #DrGhavami #BeverlyHills #LA #Thermage #vectors #ThatGlow #GhavamiGlow."

According to Dr. Ghavami's website, the procedure is "a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser beam or ERBIUM beam of precisely focused light vaporizes the surface skin and reveals the undamaged layer beneath."

Iggy Azalea and her doctor seem to be close pals. Last week, Azalea gave Dr. Ghavami a birthday shout out on Instagram. "Happy birthday @DrGhavami," she wrote. "It might seem obvious I'd hold the man I owe my fabulous nose and breasts to in high regard. But vanity aside; Ash you're hilarious as hell, talented, eclectic, a progressive thinker and someone who supports women in their choice to do what they want with their OWN bodies (tons of men don't share that sentiment) So cheers to you! I'm proud to call you my friend."

Ghavami responded: "Thank you a mill for everything! Your bold confidence is to be respected! My b-day is complete. Those like you who stand apart and trail blaze their own path no matter who tries to block or impede it, ALWAYS come out ahead, most importantly for themselves."

In the past, Azalea has been open about her explorations into plastic surgery. Iggy told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live back in March that she has owned up to a nose job and breast augmentation because "if you're going to do something that obvious," you look foolish if you don't admit it. "Everyone's seen what your nose looks like before," she said. "Some people are like, 'It's contouring.' Yeah, contouring with a chisel."

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