'Home Alone' Fans Spot New Clue Revealing Who's to Blame for Leaving Kevin Behind

Ever wonder what happened to Kevin's plane ticket in Home Alone? from MovieDetails

Home Alone fans have long argued who was really to blame for Kevin McAllister being left home alone. Now, one Reddit user thinks the case is solved: it was his father, Peter.

A Reddit user named bobcobble posted a gif earlier this week, showing a scene from the holiday classic, where Peter throws a bunch of junk away. Among the things he throws out is Kevin's airplane ticket!

In the scene, Peter (John Heard) is cleaning up the wet napkins used to pick up the milk Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) spilled during the argument over pizza. The close-up in the gif reveals that the airplane ticket ends up in the trash with the napkins.

In the movie, Kevin's parents head off to Paris, leaving him home alone in Chicago. Kevin is left to fend for himself and two crooks (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) show up, only to be outwitted by the 8-year-old.

While Peter might have made an innocent mistake by throwing out the tickets, some Reddit users theorized that he did it on purpose.

"He totally knew what he was doing," one person wrote.

"And he hired those two robbers to rob his house without telling them Kevin would be there, with the plan being that they would panic and kill Kevin (which seems to be what they tried to do by the end)," another wrote.

"This is a fan theory in the making. Peter didn’t want Frank to spoil the vacation so when he found the perfect opportunity to throw out Kevin’s ticket, he took it right here," another fan wrote.

Others wrote that the GIF brought back memories of their favorite Christmas movie.


"Wow... Just when I'm about to start watching Home Alone again for the coming Christmas season and get teary eyed (AGAIN!) at the scene where Kevin and his mom got reunited," one fan wrote.

Freeform is airing Home Alone 10 times during its Countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas schedule.