Friday the 13th Reboot Story Details Revealed

A reboot of the Friday the 13th horror franchise has been talked about ever since the not-so-successful reboot attempt in 2009. Despite some legal rights issues, it seems as though the latest reboot of the franchise is still moving ahead to its 2017 release.

Collider had a chance to sit down with Platinum Dunes producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, to discuss some new details about the film.

The first thing fans will probably want to know: that proposed found-footage version of Friday the 13th from a few years back is dead. This latest reboot attempt will not be going that route, with the producers noting that, "At one point, the studio wanted us to make a found-footage version of that movie and that was deeply concerning to use... Jason is a POV movie. So, it was very hard to wrap our head around how you would do a Friday the 13th that was found footage, knowing that we really need the Jason perspective of watching."


So what will we be getting?

Naturally, specifics are being kept under wraps, but here is what Collider did learn:

  1. Breck Eisner (The Crazies) is indeed directing, with a script from Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners, The Red Road).
  2. The film will be a "period piece" though which period is not specified (80s?).
  3. It will be a hard-R rating.
  4. It will not use 3D or IMAX gimmicks.
  5. It will be filming in Georgia.

The website also noted that this won't be a sort Rob Zombie Halloween approach, where we try to go deeper into the "humanized" version of the killer. As they put it, "Fuller and Form made it clear that they won’t try to explain Jason or anything like that in this installment, but you still need to have some semblance of his mythology around."

The Friday the 13th reboot will be in theaters on October 13, 2017.