Eddie Vedder Helps Save Family's Christmas After Viral Ad

Providing presents for your family for the holidays is an incredibly difficult task, with some families sometimes having a tough time merely making rent. Maryland's Tyshika Britten post a public plea for help on Craigslist, asking for donations in order to provide funds for the struggling mother, who was facing eviction. The charitable public answered the call with donations, with one of the biggest amounts coming from Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder.

In addition to truck after truck of deliveries from anonymous donors, Vedder sent the family a check for $10,000. Vedder told The Washington Post, “I was just so moved by the story and what this mother did for her children. I thought those kids must be so proud of their mother for reaching out. That takes a lot of courage."

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The family's story clearly connected with Vedder, claiming it reminded him of some of his holiday experiences. “There were years [in his childhood that] there were toys from Santa, but they were used and they came from garage sales and they didn’t always work," recalled the singer.

Hoping to ensure a good holiday for her family, Britten also set up a GoFundMe page with a target of $6,000, enough to not just buy presents for her six children, but take some pressure off of their living situation. As of this writing, the campaign has earned over $18,000.

With so many families across the world facing financial turmoil, many people have criticized Britten's attempts to get the finances to take care of her family. She told the Post, "I am a proud mother of six. I love my children. And I will take care of them, and I will get them what they need, any way I can." She added, "This year, they got everything they wanted."

Every family deserves a good holiday, no matter what methods someone has to go about obtaining that. What do you think of Britten's campaign? Let us know in the comments!


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