Drunk Russians Decide To Tase Themselves Until They Fall Over

A shocking new video has surfaced on the Internet showing two Drunk Russian Guys tasing themselves multiple times. The two men literally tortured themselves until they fell over!

The men sat at the dinner table in only their underwear, and turned the electrical weapon on themselves time and time again. The filmmaker and others were watching this strange display unfold, and can be heard laughing uncontrollably as the men grunt and wince in agony.

The first man pressed the taser to his chest, and was visibly jarred by the initial shock. However, he continued to tase himself a second and third time until he eventually fell backward in his chair and crashed down to the floor.

While the first drunk dude was still lying on the ground writhing in pain, the second man grabbed the taser from his hands. Drunk Russian #2 clearly wasn't able to withstand the shock quite as well as he immediately fell out of his chair the first time after tasing himself.

No word on why the Russian men were tasing themselves.

Check out the bizarre video above. Also, this should go without saying, but do not try this at home.

How did you react to see these drunk Russians tasing themselves until they fell out of their chairs?

[H/T World Star Hip-Hop]


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