Driver And Friend Pass Away In Horrific Car Accident While Broadcasting On Facebook Live

A teenage girl streamed the moments before being killed in a fatal crash in a Facebook Live broadcast while driving on a Pennsylvania highway.

On Tuesday, 18-year-old Brooke Miranda Hughes was driving at a slow speed in the far right lane of Interstate 380 near Tobyhanna shortly after midnight, according to the state police.

The passenger, 19-year-old Chaniya Morrison-Toomey, was also killed in the accident.

In the video, Morrison-Toomey is can be saying, "Are you going live?"

Before Brooke Hughes gets the opportunity to respond, a flash of light can be seen inside the car followed by the sound of screeching tires, according to The Times-Tribune.

A tractor-trailer crashed into the back of the Suzuki Forenza.

The police said that Hughes was driving the car with a doughnut tire, and it's possible that she had a taillight out.

Upon impact, the car that Hughes and Morrison-Toomey were in was sent hurdling into the guardrail before erupting in flames.

Law enforcement officials were able to extract the teenager's bodies from the vehicle but were pronounced dead on the scene.

The occupants were burned beyond recognition. In order to confirm the identities of the girls, the coroner had to rely solely on DNA, Daily Mail says.

The truck driver, Michael Jay Parks, was uninjured in the incident. He has not been charged with any crime in regards to the fatal crash as of Thursday afternoon.

The video showing the fatal crash has been removed from the Brooke's Facebook page. The police have indicated that the footage will be used in the investigation.

Hughes was still in school and attended West Scranton High School. She also worked at a Long John Silver's restaurant.

Morrison-Toomey was employed at a local KFC restaurant. Her employees said that she was always punctual, was a hard worker, and had a great sense of humor.

Facebook Live crash
(Photo: Facebook)

Only hours before the crash, 17-year-old Samantha Piasecki was in the car with Brooke and Chaniya. She was friends with both of the victims, but had asked them to drop her off at her mother's house in Scranton.

While Piasecki is thankful that she was not in the car at the time of the crash, she has mentioned that she can't help but think wonder if she would have been able to do something to prevent this horrible tragedy.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Brooke Hughes and Chaniya Morrison-Toomey.

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