Comedian Jim Jefferies Knows Exactly What Kim Kardashian’s Robbery Was Like

It turns out Kim Kardashian isn’t the only celebrity that has been tied up and robbed.

Australian comedian Jim Jefferies knows exactly what the reality TV star went through, because he had an experience that was eerily similar.

“In Manchester, England I was tied up and - yeah and cut and everything,guy with a machete and a guy with a hammer,” Jefferies said.

They robbers took what they wanted from Jefferies and then fled from his house, but were later apprehended by police.

“They went to prison for 12 years,” Jefferies said.

But his aggressors may well be out from behind bars now.

“I think they would be [out of prison]. It was about 10 years ago and I assume they’re out with good behavior,” Jefferies said.

Jefferies had no idea Kardashian had been robbed, and when he learned the news he was happy to learn they had something in common.

“We do, yes. And our love for black men,” Jefferies said.

How is it that we’ve never heard about Jefferies ordeal before now?

[ H/T TMZ ]