Cheetos Museum Paying Up To $60K For Oddly-Shaped Cheetos


Your oddly-shaped Cheetos snack might just result in a huge pay day from the online Cheetos Museum. Frito-Lay Co. will be giving out prize money in the amount of $150,000 to the 10 best oddly-shaped Cheetos submitted to the online gallery, and the winners will be featured in the official Cheetos art collection.

The competition will be held through August 15 and the crowd favorite after public voting each week will win $10,000, with the ultimate grand prize winner scoring an extra $50,000.

To enter the contest you must take a photo, upload it to the community gallery, and preserve the Cheeto. Then contestants must wait while voting takes places to find out whether their entry was a winner or not.

Submissions to the Frito-Lay Co. contest will be judged on three criteria:

  • Visual Interest: "How unique is your Cheetos snack and how well does it match your description?"
  • Buzzworthiness: "How buzz-worthy is your Cheetos snack, title and description?"
  • Creativity: "How creative is your title and description of the snack?"

WMAS-FM, 94.7, morning co-host Dina McMahon is among those who have already entered the contest, according to MassLive. Her Cheetos entry dubbed, "Early 1900s Shoe-to," bears a striking resemblance to the century old low cone-heeled pump.

McMahon reportedly discovered the oddly shaped Cheeto nearly two years ago and she saved it in a plastic bag. While it may be difficult for someone like McMahon to not munch on the delicious snack, contestants are required to hang on to their entries during the competition.

Next time you crunch into a bag of Cheetos, don't forget to upload a picture with an awesome caption if you happen to notice an oddly-shaped Cheeto that you think may have the potential to win some money.

Go to Cheetos Museum to learn more, or check out the Cheetos Facebook page.