Alec Baldwin Teases Return As Donald Trump On Saturday Night Live Tonight

In much the same way that president-elect Donald Trump can't help but do things that embarrass himself (like this morning's "unpresidented" tweet), Alec Baldwin can't help appearing on Saturday Night Live to further embarrass him. This morning, the actor posted a photo of himself in full Trump garb, letting his fans know where you can see his impression next.

Baldwin's portrayal of the president-elect has been praised this election season, minus, of course Trump himself regularly spending his time tweeting about his disapproval of the parody. Although Baldwin made him a very clear offer to Trump, saying he'd stop doing the impression on the late night variety show if Trump merely released his tax returns. Trump didn't accept these terms, so the impressions will continue.

It's tough to say what exactly will be mocked on this week's episode of SNL, and whether it will his spelling mishap or perhaps his poor attempt at not letting people see signs at his rally that imply he will star World War III.

Will you be tuning in to check out what Baldwin cooks up this time? Let us know in the comments!

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