A Woman At Harris Teeter Absolutely Melts Down To The Point Of Exhaustion

When you're five-years-old, it's pretty normal to scream, cry, stomp your feet, and break things until you get your way. Eventually, you either stop your tantrum under the threat of punishment or you get really tired and want to take a nap. In the case of this adult woman throwing a tantrum at a Harris Teeter supermarket, it looks like she only stopped because she got tuckered out. WARNING: very obscene language in the video below.

This video contains many mysteries, like who this woman is, how long she had been destroying things, what her motivations were, who the person in the blue hat is, who's gonna pick up the mess she's making, if she ended up getting a Pumpkin Spice latte (which we can assume she wanted), and what her punishment was. We just hope she eventually got the nap she deserves for having a case of the crankies.

[H/T World Star Hip Hop]