3-Year-Old Falls Victim To Road Rage Because Grandma 'Wasn't Driving Fast Enough'

A three-year-old boy's life was tragically cut short in Arkansas over the weekend in a horrible incident of road rage, merely because one woman didn't accelerate from a red light as quickly as the murderer wanted.

Kim King-Macon, 47, of Little Rock, Arkansas was driving with her grandson and another one-year-old when they ran into trouble at a stop light. According to police from King-Macon's statements, she was parked at a red light when a Chevrolet Impala pulled up behind her and honked. Knowing she had done nothing wrong, King-Macon honked back.

The Impala's driver exited his vehicle, fired one shot at King-Macon's car, and she fled the scene to a nearby shopping center. Tragically, it was at the shopping center that she realized the three-year-old had been shot. The boy was rushed to the hospital, where he ultimately passed away.

Police Lt. Steve McClanahan believe King-Macon to be "completely innocent" in the altercation and hope the public will assist the police department in locating the suspect. This is the second incident of road rage recently in Arkansas with a young victim, as a two-year-old was killed back in November.

Police Chief Kenton Buckner is frustrated by these incidents, as such young children as completely innocent.


Buckner said, "We cannot have a community to where the least protected among us, being infants, who are dying these senseless crimes in our city."

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