15-Year-Old Arrested For 'Horrific, Horrific Murder'

On Thursday, a woman walking her dog discovered the body of 16-year-old Lee Manuel Viloria-Paulino, the first sign of the teen that disappeared on November 18. Two days after the discovery, 15-year-old Mathew Borges was arrested and charged with the murder and decapitation of his classmate.

The motive for the murder that took place in Lawrence, MA remains unclear, but the Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett called it a "horrific, horrific murder" at a press conference on Saturday. “While it shook the community, we were completely and totally resolved to bring this matter to justice," said Blodgett.

Carrie Kimball Monahan, a spokeswoman for the district attorney, continues to search for answers as to why this horrific crime took place. Monahan revealed, “We don’t know what type of relationship they had,” referring to the two students. She continued, “We don’t know if they were friends. We just know that they went to the same school.”

As for why it took so long for the missing victim to be discovered, a relative of Viloria-Paulino questioned, "I do want to ask a question, with all due respect, to the mayor, to the chief of police, to every police officer, detective, in our police department,’’ according to reporters. They continued, “If it was their kid, would they have…waited two weeks to look for him?”


The damage to the victim was apparently so severe, that the autopsy lasted 11 hours. Due to the charges against Borges and his age, he will automatically be tried as an adult.