VMAs 2019: Taylor Swift Drops F-Bomb on Live TV After Surprise Win

Hey, Taylor Swift, you need to calm down. After a somewhat surprising victory for her music video, [...]

Hey, Taylor Swift, you need to calm down. After a somewhat surprising victory for her music video, "You Need To Calm Down," the pop singer let a no-no word slip out. With cameras on as her name was announced, Swift was seen letting an F-bomb out.

One of the first to notice on it on Twitter posted saying, "Taylor Swift responded to winning a VMA with 'what the f---' and I'm adding this to the list of reasons why I stan this absolute legend."

Others took notice of the slip-up but didn't take any offense to it, realizing that it was nothing more than sincere surprise in her reaction. A user tweeted, "Taylor Swift saying 'what the f---' is the new national anthem."

Swift gathered her composure before coming on the stage and giving a quick speech about what this award means to her.

"I just want to say that this is a fan-voted award," Swift began. "So I first want to say thank you to the fans. There are a few points in the video and you voting for this video means that you want a world where we are all treated equally."

Only a few days since releasing her seventh studio album, Lover, Swift was among the big winners at the VMAs on Monday night. In addition to the Video of the Year prize, she took home the Video for Good award and Best Visual Effects for her collaboration with Panic At The Disco!'s Brendon Urie in "ME!."

She was also nominated in a handful of other categories, including Song of the Year and Pop Video of the Year.

Prior to the event, Swift had a few different interactions that caused some conversation. On the red carpet, she made a reference to when Kanye West famously interrupted her on stage 10 years ago at the VMAs.

She also took a jab at President Donald Trump and his leadership, saying that she believes he is "gaslighting" the American public into believing that "If you hate the President, you hate America."

Swift certainly garnered quite a few headlines at the awards show, but nonetheless, continued to build upon her legacy, one that is also growing with rapid financial wealth.