This Hilarious Fake Apple Ad Taps Into What Might Be The AirPods' Biggest Problem

Remember back in 2003, when Apple released the iconic Silhouette iPod commercials? Well, Conan O'Brian recently made his own version of the classic commercials for the new Apple AirPods.

The new AirPods are not only wireless, but they aren't connected together at all, which is a littler concerning for fans of the brand. So, with the new AirPods hitting the market at a whopping $159, they might need a bit of the old advertising to remind everyone why they should love Apple so much.

Also, the commercials will help give everyone a heads up as to what will probably happen if you get a little too energetic while listening to music. Needless to say, it might be wise to keep a nice $159 reserve in the bank, just in case.

The original commercials from back in the day would feature a person completely silhouetted in black against a brightly colored background. The Apple iPod and headphones were a stark white to contrast against the dark figure and showcase the product.

The figures would dance to various types of music, the headphone cord swinging to the beat. They were energetic and not only sold the devices, but sold the music itself. These commercials were iconic!


But, it seems that no matter how effective the classic commercials might have been, the AirPods might need a different kind of iconic ad in the coming months.