The Cure's Simon Gallup Reveals He's 'No Longer' Part of the Band

The Cure bassist Simon Gallup has revealed that he is 'no longer' part of the iconic rock band. In [...]

The Cure bassist Simon Gallup has revealed that he is "no longer" part of the iconic rock band. In a brief statement posted to Facebook, Gallup wrote, "With a slightly heavy heart I am no longer a member of the Cure!" He added, "Good luck to them all." Entertainment Weekly reports that someone asked Gallup what led to him exiting the band, to which he replied, "I'm OK... just got fed up of betrayal."

The Cure was founded in 1978 by vocalist/guitarist and primary songwriter Robert Smith. Gallup became part of the band's line-up just one year later, in 1979. This is not his first exit from the band, as he also left in 1982, but returned in 1984, and has remained with the band ever since. Gallup played on nearly all of The Cure's albums over the past four decades, including two of the band's most notable records: Pornography (1982) and Disintegration (1989). Before his exit, he was the second longest-serving member of the band, after Smith.

The news of Gallup leaving The Cure has sent shockwaves through the band's fanbase, with many taking to social media to express their feelings. "Woke up this morning to find out about Simon Gallup's departure from the Cure," a heartbroken but supportive fan tweeted. "I'm in disbelief but if it's true, for whatever reason, the only thing left to say is thank you Simon for being the exquisite musician you are. You have our love and support!"

"My fellow Cure fans: I share in your sadness about Simon Gallup leaving," another saddened fan offered. "But I also feel like there will be a new chapter to look forward to. Sometimes change is for the best. We'll see."

Based on Gallup's comment about "betrayal," many have speculated that his exit could have something to do with his relationship with Smith. Notably, a rift between the two was what initially led the bassist to leave way back in the early '80s. According to stories from each of them, the situation boiled down to a misunderstanding over a bar tab. "I was about to leave when some guy came up and told me I hadn't paid for my drinks. He thought I was Robert," Gallup said. "I was knackered but the bloke took me up to the bar and Robert appeared to see what was going on. I hit him, he responded and we had a fight."

Smith remembered it differently, recalling, "I was on the first floor of this club when they came up and told me there was a problem downstairs. Simon was so wound up that no-one could talk to him - he was screaming at the barman, this young kid who was nearly in tears. By himself, Simon would have never behaved like that but he was surrounded by the road crew so he was behaving the way he thought a rock and roller ought to behave."

Smith continued, "He didn't want to pay for his drinks because he thought I wasn't paying for mine. I told him to shut up and he punched me." Another incident allegedly took place at a concert weeks later, which was not directly between Smith and Gallup, but further prompted Gallup's departure. He would return just two years later. At this time, Smith does not appear to have issued a statement on Gallup's most recent exit.