Taylor Swift Takes a Tumble During Sunday's Concert at MetLife Stadium

Taylor Swift suffered a nasty fall on stage Sunday, but she recovered like a pro and even flashed a knowing grin at the crowd.

Swift was performing in front of a massive crowd at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jerey, according to a report by Entertainment Tonight. She is on her massive Reputation World Tour, promoting her recent album of the same name.

A video taken by an audience member shows the moment Swift took a spill. She was singing her song "Call It What You Want," when she hit the ground pretty hard. She appeared to take one bad step in her heels, but she was quick to get her equilibrium back. As she stood up, she and her dance partner were both laughing, and she shoved him playfully away to resume the routine.

The video was taken a day after rain poured down on the pop star, which is what Swift's later social media posts were centered around. The outdoor stadium was soaked during the concert, and Swift kept on singing in the midst of the pouring rain.

"FULL RAIN SHOW Last night we all danced together for 2 hours in the pouring rain – who knows what the Jersey skies will bring us tonight but we're *ready for it*," she wrote on Instagram.

Swift's Reputation World Tour is scheduled all the way out through the end of November. The pop star will perform around the U.S. until September, with many dates in the Midwest and the south still remaining. After that, she has a number of commitments in Australia and New Zealand, before finishing out her tour in Tokyo.

The trip has already been an eventful one. Swift suffered another on-stage malfunction about a week ago, when she became stuck in mid-air on a flying platform during a performance in Philadelphia. Once again, she handled the scenario like a pro, singing right through the technical issues until she could be brought back down to Earth.

In happier news, her concert hosted a real-life engagement on another night in Philadelphia. She posed for a proposal photo with a couple of die-hard fans, making their night in the process.


"They walk into the meet and greet and he says, 'We met 5 years ago at the Red Tour' and then....#thirdwheel," Swift wrote on Instagram.

There's no telling what else could be in store for Swift's globe-trotting adventures, though she clearly intends to bring her fans along for the ride.