Tame Impala: Bio and Background Details About Kevin Parker's Band

Tame Impala remains a driving force in modern pop-rock music, and new fans are queuing them up every day. While many might have heard the band name over the years or even seen them perform on SNL in 2019, the origin story of the band is more elusive. Scroll down for an intro to Tame Impala and the musicians who make it up.

Tame Impala hails from Australia, and generally falls under the genre of psychedelic rock. It is led by Kevin Parker, multi-instrumentalist and producer for the band. Parker plays guitar and sings in most live acts, while a rotating cast joins him for other instruments. This often includes members of the band Pond, which is similar in genre to Tame Impala, and is based in Australia as well. Jay Watson may play synthesizer, guitar and sing; Cam Avery may play bass guitar and sing; and Julien Barbagallo may play drums and sing. In addition, Dominic Simper usually joins Parker to play guitar and synthesizer. The only member to have left the band for good was Nick Allbrook, who played guitar, synthesizer and bass from 2010 to 2013.

Over the years, Tame Impala has produced three albums with another on the way. Parker handles the writing and recording of these records on his own. They have won numerous awards, including Grammys, MTV VMAs and NME Awards. They have also played some huge venues, including many outdoor music festivals.

Parker first conceived of Tame Impala in 2007, as a young man entrenched in the Perth, Australia music scene. He had played in numerous bands, but he nursed Tame Impala along as an at-home recording project. He gained a lot of traction on MySpace, which was a strong option for independent musicians at the time.

Parker signed a worldwide deal with Modular Recordings in 2008, which is when he first asked Simper and Watson to join him for live shows. The group had a meteoric rise from there, with a wildly successful self-titled EP debut, and tours supporting such acts as The Black Keys and MGMT.


Tame Impala released its first feature-length album, Innerspeak in 2010 to much acclaim. It was followed up with Lonerism in 2012, and then Currents in 2015. The group's fourth studio album is due out this year, though the title is still unknown.

As coronavirus restrictions ease in Australia and some other parts of the world, Tame Impala is eager to get back in action. The group recently announced two upcoming live shows in March, with more expected soon.