Social Media Rips Justin Timberlake for Using Prince Projection

The reaction to Justin Timberlake's Prince tribute was not completely positive. The performance was ripped by some fans at home.

Despite rumors Timberlake would be using a hologram, the singer had an image of Prince projected on a giant sheet as he performed an excerpt of "I Would Die 4 U."

One fan said anyone who was a long time Prince fan could not be happy with that performance.

Another viewer thought Timberlake "dishonored" Prince.

Many Prince fans noted that he hated people performing covers.

Another called it "crap."

Some of the reaction to Timberlake's performance was positive, though. The Twitter page representing Prince's family even liked the performance.


They also pointed out that it was not a hologram, but a projection.

The Prince tribute made perfect sense, since the legendary "Purple Rain" singer was from the Minneapolis area. He also performed an iconic Super Bowl halftime show in 2007.