Super Bowl Crowd Was Silent During Justin Timberlake Halftime Performance

While audiences at home saw an energized crowd during the Super Bowl LII halftime show, those far from the stage at U.S. Bank Stadium were not exactly cheering, according to one video a fan posted.

A video from inside the stadium shows fans waiting for the game to resume, since they were so far from the the performance.

"Y'all it is SO quiet in here. Only the fake crowd y'all see on camera cares about Justin," the fan wrote.

"The crazy part about the halftime show is the crowd was LIVE and on its feet most of the first half. Then Justin came and everyone sat quietly," the same fan wrote.

One Timberlake fan was stunned that people could be quiet during his performance.

Timberlake performed a medley of hits during halftime, from his new single "Filthy" to the Trolls hit "Can't Stop The Feeling."

The show also included a brief Prince tribute in the late legend's hometown, with Timberlake singing a part of "I Would Die 4 U." He opened with a tease for an *NSYNC reunion, but it was not to be.


Audiences at home also had a positive reaction to the performance.