Spice Girls Fans Really, Really Want Their Tour to Be Different

The Spice Girls announced a long-awaited reunion tour on Monday morning, but many fans are disappointed in their plans.

The Spice Girls posted a video on Twitter to let fans know that they were heading out for a few concerts in the United Kingdom. However, the tour consists of only six dates so far, and many fans all around the world wanted to see them go a bit further. Beyond that, only four of the original five singers will be returning, as Victoria Beckham — or Posh Spice — will be sitting it out.

The reaction on social media voiced all of these complaints and more. The Spice Girls' official account did not respond to any of them, though they were actively engaging with more positive fans.

"What else does @victoriabeckham have to do that would keep her from doing this reunion? #DramaAlert," one fan wrote.

Others noted that the Spice Girls will be joined by special guest Jess Glynne, a prospect that did not excite many. Meanwhile, there was a lot of outcry over the sparse dates, with some fans wondering if those were the only shows planned.

"But..... the rest of the world?!?!" one fan asked incredulously.

So far, there is no official word on other concerts, though many fans are assuming that they are on the way. Mel B has given hits in recent interviews seeming to suggest that this reunion would be a big project, likely consisting of more than just a few shows. As many Twitter users pointed out, her appearance on ITV's Loose Women seemed to suggest a full-on world tour. On CBS' The Late Late Show With James Corden, she spoke more broadly about reuniting the band.

Finally, many fans are already worried about the mad dash to get tickets. There were plenty of tweets fearing scalpers and re-sellers, with fans begging for extra precautions to give them a chance to buy first.

"Can people please refrain from buying loads of tickets just to sell them on for double the price?" one person wrote. "Let us real fans have a chance!!"


All of this and more will likely be addressed in upcoming announcements. It is clear that the Spice Girls knew how hard this news would hit social media, and they may try to space announcements out for maximum impact. With Mel B now living in the United States, most feel safe assuming she will play a show across the pond at some point.

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