Shawn Mendes Reveals Age He Lost Virginity

A group of New Zealand radio show hosts found a really creative way to get celebrities to answer questions, and now we have them to thank for some incredibly personal information about Shawn Mendes.

Earlier this week, the "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" singer was in New Zealand and was interviewed on The Edge NZ. The hosts played a creative game called "Please Have Mercy on Me," where one host was wearing electric nipple clamps. They went off every time Mendes refused to answer a question.

Mendes answered some of the questions. He told them he lost his virginity at age 16. He said the oldest woman he had sex with was a 25-year-old and he was 19 at the time. That means it must have happened within the last three months since he turned 19 in August, notes PEOPLE.

Even though Mendes was really sorry about electro-shocking one of the hosts, he still skipped a few. He refused to say who was the last celebrity he kissed and wouldn't say what noises he makes when he has sex.

Mendes also wouldn't say who was the rudest celebrity he ever met, how many different people he's had sex with and wouldn't say what his net worth is.


Last weekend, Mendes performed at the American Music Awards. He won Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist a year after being nominated for New Artist in 2016.

Photo: Bonnie Osborne/CBS