'Saturday Night Live' Mistakenly Cut Half of Arcade Fire's Performance

Someone behind the scenes of Saturday Night Live made a major flub during Arcade Fire's second performance of the show.

The acclaimed Canadian band delivered a rendition of their 2017 song "Put Your Money on Me" to follow their first performance of fellow 2017 cut "Creature Comfort." However, viewers were only treated to half of the "Put Your Money on Me" performance.

Viewers on Twitter pointed out that the broadcast jumped into the song halfway through. This, of course, cut out the first part of the song and the typical host introduction, which was done by Bill Hader.

"Did the whole country just get that weird jump from commercial right into Arcade Fire mid-performance?" user Dan Riley tweeted. "Or was that a local St. Louis error? Rare for SNL to miss a host intro."

Another user confirmed his theory by writing, "So weird. Like 300 commercials then, boom, smack in the middle of what was the better performance of the two (which is still not saying much of anything at all)."

It was a nationwide error, meaning someone behind the control boards at SNL forgot to switch back over to the program or gave the cue to begin too soon.

Thankfully for Arcade Fire fans, the show realized its error and shared the full performance on its YouTube channel.

"Hey apologies we made a mistake," an SNL representative wrote on Twitter. "It's St. Patrick's Day and someone in the control room was drunk. Here's the full version of the Arcade Fire song."

Viewers seemed to be pleased that producers clarified the mistake so quickly and got the full performance up and out online.

Fans reached out with thanks and praised for the fun clarification tweet.

"I wondered what the heck happened!" viewer Jen Vargas wrote. "Thanks for clearing that up!"

Twitter user Jennifer Walk added, "Love [you] for this tweet, SNL."

Saturday Night Live airs each week at 11:30 ET on NBC.


Photo Credit: NBC / Will Heath