Saliva Rocker Wayne Swinny Hospitalized in ICU

Update March 22, 8:28 p.m. CT: In a statement posted on Wednesday at 8:06 p.m ET, Saliva announced the death of Wayne Swinny following a brain hemorrhage. Our original report on Swinny's hospitalization follows.

Original story: Saliva guitarist Wayne Swinny was hospitalized Tuesday morning due to a medical emergency. Swinny suffered a brain hemorrhage, the band said. He is still in the intensive care unit, and the band asked fans for their thoughts and prayers.

"Our dear brother Wayne Swinny was discovered Tuesday morning in medical distress and paramedics were called," the group said in a statement on Facebook Wednesday. "He was transported to a hospital where he was diagnosed with a Spontaneous Hemorrhage in his brain. He is currently in the ICU as we await further news. We ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers at this time."

Spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage is a "blood clot that arises in the brain parenchyma in the absence of trauma or surgery," according to a review published on the National Library of Medicine's website. Common causes include "hypertension, amyloid angiopathy, coagulopathy, vascular anomalies, tumors, and various drugs." The band did not share further detail on Swinny's condition.

Fans flooded the group's Facebook page with well-wishes. "Oh man, this is heartbreaking, I'm praying for him," one fan wrote. " have many people who are praying for you to get through this. My thoughts are with Saliva and your family," another commented. "Sending love, light, and healing prayers from our family to yours. I'm so sorry you all have to endure this," another fan wrote. "May the light guide the doctors to do what is best for Wayne."

Saliva is now on tour with Throughwire and Any Given Sin, but they have not said if their dates will be canceled. The group's next show is scheduled for Thursday in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They have concert dates scheduled through April 9.

The nu-metal band was founded in Memphis in 1996, with Swinny, Josey Scott, Chris D'Abaldo, Dave Novotny, and Todd Poole as the original members. Swinny is the last remaining founding member, notes Loudwire. Scott, the original lead singer, left in 2011, while bassist Novotny left in 2015. Scott reunited with the band at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in September 2022. The band's current lineup includes Swinny, singer Bobby Amaru, bassist Brad Stewart, and drummer Sammi Bishop. Their biggest hit singles include "Always" and "Ladies and Gentlemen."