Pop Star Sets Major Concert in Wake of Retirement Rumors

It's the artist's first major tour since his retirement was announced.

A '90s star boasting three number one singles from their solo career and six from their former band has emerged from retirement to grace the stage at a music festival. Ronan Keating, 47, whose twelfth and final album was released in 2021, is performing at the 90s Baby Festival.

The Irish singer will join a host of other artists, including Peter Andre, Blue, Atomic Kitten, Blazin' Squad, Samantha Mumba, and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. The former Boyzone member posted on Instagram, "I'm excited to announce that I will be back headlining "itsthenineteesbaby" festival taking place at Town Moor, Newcastle on Sunday August 4."

It's the first concert tour for Keating since his son Jack claimed the boyband legend had retired. Jack told Daily Mail: "I did say he was retired though at some stage during the show, so he was not happy about that.

"What I meant to say was he was retired from Boyzone, but he was touring right now, but I basically said he was retired, so I was in the dog house a little bit when I got back after that. 'I almost fell out of my chair' is what he said when he heard it, but we're all good. We had a bit of craic after when I got home for sure."

On Tuesday, Keating made headlines when his former manager Louis Walsh called him a "p–" on Celebrity Big Brother. It was Walsh who managed both Boyzone and Ronan's solo career in the beginning, though the two fell out at some point.

Over the years, he has repeatedly attacked Keating, describing him as "talentless and spoiled." Several times, Keating has responded by retaliating and has stated on Magic FM that he will not work with someone who disrespects him.

He said: "[Louis] was very important to me as a mentor and I'm grateful for the opportunities he gave me, because I wouldn't be here without them. But there's only so much you can give back and be so grateful, and for that not to be appreciated or respected."

In an interview with Closer, he also said: "That man absolutely tried to ruin me and if he thinks we can ever hug and make up he can forget it. I haven't heard from him in three years and I wouldn't have a problem if I never saw him again. He's not a nice character."