Pitbull May Join Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's Super Bowl Halftime Show

In news that will get fans even more excited for the festivities, Pitbull is reportedly in talks to join Jennier Lopez and Sharkia for their Super Bowl LIV halftime show in Miami. Pitbull has already worked with Shakira and Lopez multiple times, and Mr. Worldwide was born in Miami, making him a perfect candidate for a guest spot. Lopez and Shakira announced they will perform during the middle of the big game on Thursday.

Sources close to Pitbull's team told TMZ that they have recently spoken with Lopez and the NFL about making an appearance during the show. Executives at Hard Rock Cafe International also want Pitbull there, as Mr. Worldwide has close links to the company that has its name on Hard Rock Stadium. Pitbull helped open the iLove305 bar at the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi last year.

Pitbull also has a history of collaborating with almost everyone in the music business, including both Shakira and Lopez. He teamed with Shakira on "Rabiosa" in 2011 and the 2012 hit "Get It Started." Lopez and Pitbull collaborated on the hits "Dance Again," "On The Floor," "Live It Up," "Booty" and "We Are One (Ole Ole)."

There have been calls for more Miami-related artists to join the show, ever since Shakira and Lopez were announced as the halftime acts on Thursday. Fans have been vocal about Gloria Estefan being the pick, even though she performed at the 1992 Super Bowl in Minneapolis and the 1999 game in Miami. Estefan and Pitbull worked together on the 2007 song "No Llores."

TMZ's sources close to Jay-Z's Roc Nation, which is co-producing the halftime show, told TMZ "over surprise acts" will appear at the show.

The decision to go with as many Miami-linked artists as possible for the Super Bowl LIV halftime show is likely in response to the criticisms of the Super Bowl LIII halftime show, which did not feature any artists from Atlanta. The show featured Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi.

Although Lopez was born in New York, she grew up in Miami and has a home there. Before she was announced as the performer, Lopez said it would be amazing to perform at the Super Bowl.

"I mean, it would be awesome," the Hustlers actress told Entertainment Tonight. "I think, like, when you're a little girl and you're dreaming, you know, you want to be an actress or you want to be a singer. There are certain things you hope to accomplish one day, and that's definitely one of those... It would be amazing."


Super Bowl LIV will be the 11th Super Bowl hosted in South Florida, but the first since Super Bowl XLIV in 2010. It is scheduled for Feb. 2, 2020 and will air on Fox.

Photo credit: Michael Becker/FOX Image Collection via Getty Images