Pastor Allegedly Found Dead Inside Gospel Singer Mirugi Dishon's Wardrobe

News reports about a pastor's death paint a puzzling picture of what led to her passing. Investigators in Kenya are looking into the March 18 death of Elizabeth Githinji, the church leader of Passion for Christ Church in Nakuru County. Per reports from Nation, Tuko, Pulse and Mpasho, Githinji's body was said to be found hanging in the wardrobe of her ex-boyfriend, gospel singer Mirugi Dishon. However, police did not have a chance to examine Githinji's body at the alleged scene of her death. That's because Dishon claims he found her, removed her corpse from the wardrobe and then brought it to the police via his own car. Obviously, this has raised some red flags. 

Investigators and media are still piecing together the events of the day, but accounts start with Githinji voluntarily going over to her ex's house. Dishon reportedly claims she came over to bring him one of his suits. However, police think she actually came over to discuss their relationship. Per Pulse, an unnamed police detective stated, "They had some issues though they had not known each other for long. She left Nakuru for Nairobi with the hope of having a word with Mirugi to make things right."

At the residence, Dishon claims Githinji wanted to help him clean up around his home and do some laundry. He then says he left the home to run errands, and while he was out, he attempted to call her on the phone. The singer says Githinji didn't answer his calls, which concerned him. He allegedly returned home, where he found her unconscious. Dishon says her death was suicide by hanging, using a bedsheet tied to the frame of his wardrobe.

The musician says he removed the pastor's body from the scene in order to seek aid from authorities. Dishon was then taken into custody as police tried to figure out what truly happened to the late church leader. The Kenyatta University Teaching and Referral Hospital conducted a post-mortem investigation of Githinji's remains, and they believe the cause of death was indeed suicide. However, in the time since her death, sources close to the deceased have spoken of an alleged feud over money between the former lovers. Furthermore, Dishon is accused of threatening Githinji before her death. Her sister has spoken out, saying Githinji had called her to relay fears about Dishon and how he allegedly had threatened her to deter her from recouping a loan.

The Nation has printed several remarks from Dishon amidst suspicions directed at him. "My God will come through and justice breaks the now drawn bow in my life," he said. "It is so far my most trying moment. ... I will not go down by the designs of the devil since all that God started in my life will never suffer and will surpass evil designs."

The case is still under investigation as of press time.