NOFX Apologizes for '(NSFW) and Insensitive' Las Vegas Shooting Jokes

Punk band NOFX have apologized for making "s—ty and insensitive" jokes about the Las Vegas shooting while playing in the city recently.

In a statement posted to the bands official Twitter page, front man "Fat Mike" Burkett addressed the backlash in an attempt to make amends.

"I can't sleep, no one in my band can. What we said in Vegas was shitty and insensitive and we are all embarrassed by our remarks," the statement read. "So we decided we will all get together to discuss and write an in depth, sincere, and honest apology because that's what the people we offended and hurt deserve."

The statements in question came during a recent NOFX set at the Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival, which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada at a venue very close to where the tragic Route 91 shooting took place in October 2017.

Video of the bands performance that went viral, showed them making casual jokes about the massacre.

"We played a song about Muslims and we didn't get shot," Burkett can be heard saying in the footage, with another member of the band adding, "I guess you only get shot in Vegas if you are in a country band."

"You know, that [shooting] sucked, but at least they were country fans and not punk rock fans," Burkett then said.

After the video began making the rounds on social media, the bands beer sponsor quickly dropped them. Stone Brewing, who bottled the band's Punk in Drublic brew, and sponsored their music festival of thr same name, cut ties with NOFX.

"We respect punk rock, and the DIY ethos for which it stands. To us, it means standing up for things you believe in, and fearlessly committing to what's right. And it is for that reason that Stone Brewing is immediately disassociating ourselves from the band NOFX," a spokesperson for the company said in a statement.

A number of the bands music industry peers have joined those criticizing them for their words, with Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael being one of them.


"F— [NOFX]. SO punk rock of them," Kael tweeted. "They have the right to say whatever they want; but, Vegas has the right to make sure NOFX is never welcome there again."