Newly Surfaced Elvis Presley Video Has Conspiracy Theorists Convinced He's Still Alive

A newly-resurfaced video has fueled conspiracy theories that Elvis Presley is still alive today.

Elvis Presley's tragic passing is one that many fans have never fully recovered from. Some have even maintained to this day that the King of Rock n' Roll is alive somewhere, living out his life in private secrecy after the pressure of fame became too much. A newly resurfaced interview from 1974 has spurred that theory on even further.

The video was filmed in Houston, Texas, as Presley was preparing for an upcoming performance. The singer's eyes appear to be brown in the clip, which some theorists take as proof that he was using a body double of some kind. It was notably recognized that Elvis had famously bright blue eyes.

"In this video, one can clearly see the brown eyes and the mannerisms as being different from that of Elvis!" one person wrote of the video, according to a report by The Sun.

"That is because this interview was done by Jesse Garon Presley."

Presley reportedly had a twin brother named Jesse Garon Presley, who died at birth. Fan theorists have long held that Jesse actually survived, and was kept secret to serve as his body double later in life. This theory is obviously flawed and based on conjecture, especially because Presley was not born famous. Still, the comments speculated.

"One can see that this is NOT Elvis," another person wrote. "They most likely knew (as we can see the difference)."

"I've seen this before I knew it was Jesse and not Elvis as he was not comfortable," a third fan added.

"I noticed that too," the original poster agreed. "I also noticed that Jesse could not answer all of the questions about the events in Elvis' life."

Presley died in 1977 due to cardiac arrest. The singer was rumored to have had a debilitating drug problem in the final years of his life, but the repeated re-evaluations of his autopsy have been inconclusive in linking his death to substance abuse. He was 42 years old.


Presley holds a rare place in American culture as a figure of extreme influence and controversy. The conspiracy theories around his death have grown over time, often linking with other popular conspiracy theories about the deaths of celebrities like Tupac Shakur, or even stories about government cover-ups.

So far, none have been conclusively proven to be true, and many have been satisfactorily disproven.