Metallica Fans Send Support to James Hetfield After Frontman's Return to Rehab

Metallica were forced to cancel a tour of Australia and New Zealand on Friday after singer James [...]

Metallica were forced to cancel a tour of Australia and New Zealand on Friday after singer James Hetfield made the difficult decision to return to rehab. The metal frontman had been sober close to 20 years following his first rehab stay in 2001, sharing his desires to keep it that way at the time.

The announcement took many by surprise but fans quickly circled the wagons to show their support to Hetfield as he deals with his struggles.

"This man has given more to me than I ever could to him," one fan wrote in support. "Best wishes James and family and Metallica."

"I can't believe it, I'm sat here in shock," another fan wrote reacting to the news. "But all the love and support and prayers go to James and everyone close to him, we know you can beat this again!"

"As this band got me through many difficulties in life. I must say, I to am very hurt by this news," a third fan admitted. "Get better James. Take care of yourself. Metallica was here for the fans. Now the fans are here for Metallica."

The band confirmed that refunds would be given to all ticketholders, including those paying for special tickets for more expansive experiences.

Hetfield's initial stay in rehab was documented in the film Some Kind of Monster, following the production of the band's eighth studio album, St. Anger. The singer opened up in the film and butted heads with fellow bandmates at the time, including drummer Lars Ulrich.

Rolling Stone adds that Hetfield reflected on his decision to go to rehab at the time, noting that fear was a big motivator.

"Losing my family, that was the thing that scared me so much, that was the bottom I hit, that my family is going to go away because of my behaviors that I brought home from the road," Hetfield said according to Rolling Stone. "It just kind of floated away, and I do not want that happening. No matter what's going on, we're going to talk this stuff out, and make it work."