Maren Morris and JP Saxe Release New Song 'Line By Line'

Maren Morris is back with more new music for fans, releasing a collaboration with Canadian artist JP Saxe titled "Line By Line" on Wednesday, Jan. 13. The song was written by Morris, Saxe, Ryan Marrone and Jimmy Robbins and is a relaxed pop song about loving your partner so much you can't find the words to describe how you feel.

"Love too big for a love song / If I tried to sum it up I know I'd get it wrong / Sometimes if it don't sound right / I apologize, I just said it cause it rhymed," the chorus reads. "Four chords, three minutes, you never fit in it / So I just take you line by line / Oh, I'll be writing about you for the rest of my life / Line by line." Along with the song, the duo also released the song's music video on Wednesday.

"I hope this song and video bring you guys a lot of light and positivity," Morris told fans in a YouTube chat with Saxe before the video's premiere. "It's crazy, crazy times right now, feels like it always is, but I know personally, music has been such a tonic for me the last year. Even though we're not touring right now."

The 30-year-old told fans that she had met Saxe during quarantine and was excited to have been able to work with him. "The upside of that is we got to find a week to write these songs together, and this one fell out of it and we got to collaborate finally," she said. "That one was one of the silver linings of the year the world kind of shut down."

Morris was scheduled to be on the road in 2020 on her RSVP: The Tour, originally postponing the trek to 2021 before ultimately canceling it. "There is so much hope with this vaccine being distributed in 2021, but we are still unsure of when we will be able to do the tour next year. With the prospect of, yet again, rescheduling half of the dates already becoming a reality, I have decided to cancel the RSVP Tour," she shared in a social media message in December. "I truly appreciate your patience on this. I am in the midst of working on my third record, so I hope we can all come together and enjoy live shows safely again soon."


The Texas native recently gave fans an update on her songwriting process, tweeting on Jan. 5 that "songs are sounding b—y and I like." In October, Morris released "Better Than We Found It," a powerful message inviting listeners to consider the mark they will leave on the world.