Major Updates on the Death of Rock Musician Dan Fawcett, Who Was Stabbed in Ontario Park

The reported assailant responsible for the death pleaded guilty to related charges in court.

The death of Helix guitarist Daniel "Dutch" Fawcett was fatally stabbed back in November 2022, unaware he was led into an ambush. According to the London Free Press, Fawcett met with Allana Lebars, 41, in a parking lot near the park where Fawcett was slain.

As the outlet adds, Lebars was considered a friend by Fawcett and played a part in his murder without actually stabbing the guitarist. Lebars was two of the suspects arrested and pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Ontario Court, executing a plan hatched by her and her boyfriend that led to Fawcett's demise.

Lebars' boyfriend allegedly stabbed Fawcett in the chest, piercing his heart, while another stabbing struck his diaphragm and "nicked his spleen." According to the court report, Lebars and Fawcett were already friends and had spent time together.

"Ms. Lebars threatened to kill Mr. Fawcett and threatened to throw him off his balcony for various reasons, including if he didn't stop messaging her and if he didn't pay her a sum of money she felt she was owed," an agreed statement of fact read in court. Lebars also seemed to accuse Fawcett of sexual assault, using the false allegation as fuel to get the guitarist injured.

Lebars had to wait another day to learn her sentence. She pleaded guilty back in November, with sentencing penciled in for Tuesday. She is also accused of selling her reported boyfriend the folding knife that was used in the murder.