AJ McLean Plans Drug Detox Kit After Mac Miller's Death: 'We Lost a Super Talent'

Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean weighed in on Mac Miller's death, telling TMZ that the world lost a "super talent" and he hopes to help others avoid the same fate as Miller.

While in Beverly Hills, McLean told TMZ he was a "big fan" of Miller's music, but never had a chance to meet the "Swimming" rapper. He went on to say that he hopes people begin to realize how serious drug addiction can be.

"People just need to understand that addiction is really, really one of the biggest epidemics in the world. It kills people daily," the 40-year-old McLean said. "I've been in recovery for 18 years and it's hard, but I feel horrible for his family, for his friends, and you just got to surround yourself with the right people. Some people do and others don't, and it's just sad."

McLean continued, "We lost a super talented guy way too young. Way too young."

The singer said he hopes the number of high-profile deaths by overdose brings more attention to the dangers of drug addiction. He went on to explain that he is getting involved in a company to release a non-narcotic opiaite detox kit "because that's another huge killer right now, opiates."

Since other kits include medication that drug users could get hooked on, McLean hopes that this new, non-narcotic kit will work better.

"I'm doing whatever I can to help out," McLean said.

Miller died on Friday at age 26 from a suspected drug overdose. His cause of death will not be officially determined until after toxicology tests are completed. Authorities did not find much evidence of drug use, but believe someone cleared the scene of evidence before paramedics arrived, TMZ reported.

"Malcolm McCormick known and adored by fans as Mac Miller, has tragically passed away at the age of 26," Miller's family said in a brief statement Friday. "He was a bright light in this world for his family, friends and fans. Thank you for your prayers."

Miller also often discussed his struggles with substance abuse. In one of his last singles, "Self Care," Miller rapped about his May DUI arrest, and the video showed him in a coffin.

"I been reading them signs. I been losing my mind," Miller rapped. "It must be nice above the lights. And what a lovely life that I made, yeah. I know that feeling like it's in my family tree, yeah. That Mercedes drove me crazy, I was speeding. Somebody save me from myself, yeah."


Towards the end of the track, Miller rapped, "I didn't know, hey. What I was missing. Now I see a little different. I was think too much, got stuck in oblivion, yeah, yeah... I got all the time in the world, so for now I'm just chilling. Plus I know it's a beautiful feeling in oblivion, yeah, yeah."

Photo credit: Getty Images