Kay Flock, 18-Year-Old Rapper, Allegedly Murdered Man Outside Barbershop

A rising star in the rap music industry was arrested last week for alleged murder, but the details are still coming to light. Kay Flock, an 18-year-old internet sensation from the Bronx, was arrested on Thursday after turning himself in New York City. He is accused of murdering 24-year-old Oscar Hernandez outside of a barbershop in Harlem on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021.

Kay Flock – born Kevin Perez – has been charged with murder and with criminal possession of a weapon in connection to the case. According to a report by New York Daily News, Hernandez was shot and killed outside of a barbershop, and police say that Perez initiated an argument between them. However, surveillance footage from the barbershop's outward-facing camera seems to dispute that narrative, some fans think.

Police claim that Perez went into the barbershop and acted aggressively towards Hernandez, asking him something to the effect of "What are you looking at?" They say that Perez walked outside and Hernandez followed him, where the murder took place. However, the surveillance footage shows Perez walking past the barbershop without going in, and it shows Hernandez coming outside to follow him unprompted.

Hernandez was taken to Mt. Sinai Morningside Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police say that they believe the shooting was gang-related. Perez was wanted and was considered "armed and dangerous" before he turned himself in. His attorney, Scott Leemon, issued a statement to XXL on Friday.

"Yesterday, I accompanied Kevin as he self-surrendered to Detectives in the 30th precinct. Arrangements were immediately made with NYPD once I learned he was wanted. We have begun our own investigation into these allegations," Leemon said. "More importantly, considering the DA's significant disclosure this morning that the NYPD received a tip saying someone else is the shooter, we demanded the DA's office provide prompt disclosure of the videos referenced in the complaint and more information on the tip."


"We will address bail once we have had a chance to review the pertinent discovery and to further investigate the DA's noteworth disclosure," Leemon concluded. It is not clear if the version of the video now circulating on social media has been altered to exclude the alleged confrontation inside the barbershop itself. Fans are suspicious, but neither the police nor Leemon have addressed this inconsistency.

Kay Flock has gained acclaim for releasing music online, including videos on YouTube. His popular songs include "FTO," "Opp Spotter" and "Brotherly Love."