Iggy Azalea Posts Wild Hair Photo to Promote New Single

Iggy Azalea is more than ready to put the difficulties of 2017 behind her, after she failed to get her sophomore album into stores. Now, she's promoting her new music with sexy Instagram posts to get fans prepared.

On Saturday, Azalea posted a black and white photo showing off a crazy, wild hairdo. In three hours, the photo received over 110,000 likes.

"For today's countdown to #savior I thought I'd share a BTS shot from the lyric video! Don't forget to stream the video Feb 2nd too," she wrote.

Azalea started teasing the release of her new single "Savior" on Wednesday. The track features Quavo of Migos.

Billboard reported on Jan. 9 that fans will hear parts of a new track in a Monster commercial during Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4. She also shared a snippet of the song on Instagram Friday.

It has been nearly four years since Azalea's first full-length album, The New Classic, hit stores. She has been trying to get her sophomore album out for months, and even had it scheduled for release on Jun. 30. At that point, it was called Digital Distortion and some tracks reportedly leaked.

On Nov. 7, Azalea told a fan she changed the name to Surviving The Summer.

While waiting for the new album, Azalea fans have only had a few non-album singles and her appearances on other artists' tracks. In 2015, she worked with Britney Spears for "Trouble" and was heard on "Switch" with Anitta last year. She also released the hit song "Team" in 2016 and "Mo Bounce" in 2017.

Azalea planned to include "Mo Bounce" on Digital Distortion, as she told Beats 1 in March.

"It's probably the most fun record on my album," the 27-year-old Australian rapper said. "I've thought a really long time about what I've wanted to put out… I was going to say something super serious and then, I don't know, I've been in such a good mood lately."

Azalea also said she recorded an album while dating Nick Young, but she scrapped it.


"I was talking about a lot of stuff on there and I ended up having a big break up and I just had a lot of life changes right before I was supposed to drop my album and I just felt like, 'You know what? This is no longer reflective of what I want to say or what I want to talk about or who I am,'" she said in March.

Photo credit: Instagram/ Iggy Azalea