Iggy Azalea Hits Back at Trolls 'Celebrating' XXXTentacion's Death

Iggy Azalea is hitting back at trolls "celebrating" the death of controversial rapper XXXTentacion.

The 28-year-old rapper took to her Instagram page to share a message with her followers about her feelings on her 20-year-old peer's passing.

"I'm not overlooking any of the things women accused him of doing; But I'm genuinely saddened by XXXTentacion's passing because it was so unnecessary," Azalea wrote. "We need to think more about the things we give value to."

(Photo: Iggy Azalea / Instagram)

"To see people celebrating his death is just another example of that 'troll' mentality that's rewarded and encouraged to our own detriment," she added. "The things we encourage online, period, have real consequences on other people's lives. God rest his soul."

XXXTentacion — real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy — was killed after being shot in his car on Monday.

Azalea's "troll" comment is in reference to many who have expressed approval of the controversial Florida rapper's death in light of the assault accusations against him.

A number of Twitter users have also commented on this juxtaposed situation, with many feeling as if it is possible to acknowledge the sorrow of a life lost while still recognizing and not discounting the vast shortcomings of the individual.

"So it's true guys. A 20 year old boy is dead and even if you hate him or no, believe he really doesn't give a s— about it anymore," one fan tweeted. "If there's heaven I wish him not to feel alone. I hope he sees all of his fans. They really are proud of him."

"Can we just let X Rest In Peace and stop questioning everything that we are uncomfortable with I recon we al just accept the truth and mourn," another fan said. "Digging up false accusations about this is everything that's wrong with the world!"

The Broward County Sheriff's Department is currently investigating the shooting, and they encourage anyone with information to contact them right away.