Florence + the Machine Concerts Postponed as Florence Welch Reveals Injury

Florence + The Machine has postponed its upcoming tour after frontwoman Florence Welch broke her foot. Welch announced the news on social media, apologizing profusely to fans and mourning the delay herself. So far, the rescheduled dates have not been announced and it is not clear when exactly they will take place.

Florence + The Machine played a show on Friday, Nov. 18 that got a little out of hand for Welch. The singer revealed that she had injured her foot during the performance but continued dancing through it, only to learn later that she had actually broken bones some bones. She shared a longer note with fans explaining the postponement along with an image of the stage dappled in blood where she had been dancing. Welch explained that she was taking the advice of doctors in rescheduling the shows since she could not continue performing without damaging her foot further.

"I'm so sorry to say that after an X-ray it seems I was dancing on a broken foot last night," Welch wrote. "It is not in my nature to postpone a show, and certainly not a U.K. tour, but I'm in pain and as dancers know, dancing on an injury is not a good idea. And [I] ave been told not to perform to avoid further damage. Please hang on to your tickets. We are working our hardest to reschedule these dates for next year and we will let you know as soon as possible."

Welch profusely apologized to fans and wrote that she shares their disappointment – she, too was excited to perform around her local United Kingdom with this Dance Fever tour show she and her band have put together. She gushed about "the communion" with the audiences and their "beautiful faces shining," adding: "I love you so much, and I'm so sorry to anyone who is disappointed. My heart is aching. I can't wait to be back on my feet and back in your arms."

Florence + The Machine were scheduled to play seven more shows around the U.K. by the end of November, including another performance at the same 20,000-seat venue where Welch broke her foot. They have been on a worldwide tour since April 15 in support of their newest album Dance Fever, which was released on March 9, 2022. The tour began with three shows in England followed by two in the U.S. The band then spent June, July and August touring Europe and spent September and October in North America.

The tour was slated to continue in the U.K. all month, but it would not have ended there. The band would have taken an extended break after the end of this month and then returned to the tour in March for a full leg in Australia. Finally, it would have ended this summer with a few more music festival appearances in Europe. It's unclear if Welch's medical delay will impact any of the 2023 concert dates remaining, nor whether the U.K. reschedules will work around them. Dance Fever is streaming now on most major music platforms.