Five Finger Death Punch Postpones Concert After Guitarist Jason Hook Undergoes Emergency Gallbladder Surgery

Jason Hook, the guitarist for Five Finger Death Punch, has undergone emergency surgery for his gallbladder. A representative for the heavy metal band reached out to TMZ to explain that Hook had been in enough pain that it prompted two separate emergency room visits. It was on the third visit that doctors determined his gallbladder needed to come out. As a result, the band announced on Twitter it had to postpone one of their tour dates.

It's being reported that Hook is currently on the mend after a Thursday night surgery. Having already postponed a show, the band was at the hospital to support their guitarist. The band only has two dates left on this leg of their tour, Saturday at the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska and Sunday at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa.

Five Finger Death Punch has said it will be rescheduling any shows that are affected by Hook's recovery.

Formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2005, Hook joined the band four years later, replacing then-guitarist Darrell Roberts. The band's two members, vocalist Ivan Moody and guitarist Zoltan Bathory, remain the only original members in the lineup.

Earlier this week, bassist Chris Kael celebrated 22 months of sobriety on Kentucky Sports Radio, while Moody was celebrating 21 months.


"He's 21 months sober, right behind me," Kael said. "So, once I got sober, he was trying to go through it as well. We've really been leaning on each other a whole lot. If we can do it, in rock and roll, you guys can do it. Trust me. It's been an incredible turnaround in life. 22 months ago, knowing how I felt back then versus how I feel now — it's amazing. I cannot go back."

Before sobriety, Moody's substance abuse problems had gotten to the point where he'd missed a couple of FFDP tours. After checking himself into a treatment facility, Moody apologized to fans and said he was "addressing the addiction issues that have interfered with everything in my life."