Demi Lovato Mourns Death of Loved One: 'This Hurts so F—ing Bad'

Demi Lovato is opening up about losing their beloved grandmother. The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer took to Instagram to let their millions of Instagram fans know that their grandmother, Sue Hart, has died. Sue was the mother of Demi's mom, Dianna De La Garza. Dianna first broke the news ahead of Demi. "My heart is broken today but I know you're flying with the angels now... give Daddy a kiss on the cheek for me and tell him I love him," Dianna captioned a photo of herself with her mother. "Y'all have lots to catch up on... I love you forever, my sweet funny beautiful Mama," she wrote with a heart emoji. "I'll see you again one day," she added with broken heart emojis and prayer hands emojis.

Demi commented on their mom's post, "I love you momma so much." They later wrote on their Instagram Stories, "This hurts so f**king bad.. I'll miss you and our phone calls and I love you so much Grandma. I miss you already @merryharts." The former Barney star also shared a photo with their siblings, mom, Sue, and late great-grandmother, Mimaw. Mimaw died in May 2016.  "Four generations in one picture. She's with Mimaw now," Demi wrote, adding that their grandmother "saved three lives donating her organs. She's a hero." 

Lovato's highs and lows have been chronicled since they've been in the spotlight since 2002 starring alongside the famed purple dinosaur. They've starred in several other projects, including Camp Rock and its sequel. But it was their music career that took them to new heights.

In the midst of their success, Lovato has been transparent about their mental health and substance abuse struggles, as well as an eating disorder. They nearly lost their life in 2018 drug overdose after a six-year bout with sobriety. Now, they are open about their sexuality and make no mistakes about it.

Lovato's family has been by their side through it all. Mainly, their mother, grandparents, stepfather, and sisters. They credit their family and friends for helping them through trying times.