Celebrities React to David Cassidy's Death

Singer, songwriter, and actor David Cassidy passed away this evening, and the outpouring of grief on Twitter has been intense. Already, celebrities and fans are coming together to share memories of Cassidy's profound influence on American culture. Many are calling him "the first teen heartthrob," saying he paved the way for other singers and boy bands to this day. Others are simply mourning the loss of a talented singer-songwriter, and, by all reports, a truly good guy.

One of the earliest reactions came from Brian Wilson, who fondly remembered times he shared with Cassidy in the 70's. Wilson even confessed that he and Cassidy wrote songs together -- will those ever surface?

Cassidy's nephew, Jack, was also quick to make a post honoring his uncle. Jack is a talented recording artist in his own right.

One user stepped in to remind us all of Cassidy's role as Mirror Master in the old Flash TV series. Over forty years later and we're still telling those same stories on The CW.

Harry Conick Jr. shared this throwback photo of himself and Cassidy together on his show. "He was always so kind to me," the singer wrote.

Dave Vescio commemorated Cassidy with an apt quote. Cassidy had an optimistic perspective, and he had mastered gratitude.

Actor Titus Welliver posted this iconic photo of Cassidy as a young man. "A great entertainer. RIP," he wrote.

Rick Springfield was also sorry to hear about Cassidy's passing. He shared this photo of Cassidy in his prime, saying "Godspeed."

Photo Credit: Getty / ABC Photo Archives