Courtney Love Has Disappointing News for Hole Fans

After years of teasing a Hole reunion, Courtney Love is now telling fans that it's not going to [...]

After years of teasing a Hole reunion, Courtney Love is now telling fans that it's not going to happen. In an interview with Vogue, Love says "a proper hole reunion" is completely off the table, and will "absolutely not happen." In 2014, the singer hinted at a possible comeback show by rehearsing with guitarist Eric Erlandson, drummer Patty Schemel, and bassist Melissa Auf der Maur, but she ultimately turned it down.

The latest time she brought up the idea came in a 2019 conversation with The Guardian. "We are definitely talking about it," she said, adding, "there's nothing wrong with honoring your past." Love and Auf der Mar were supposed to perform at a benefit concert event for Planned Parenthood in New York, but the show was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Though, that still didn't kill Love's dreams of eventually holding a Hole reunion. She admitted to NME that she was still rehearsing with Schemel and Auf der Maur in the fall of the same year. "It's something I'd love to do and I've been taking guitar lessons over Zoom during lockdown and I'm writing again so we'll see!" she said.

As to why the group won't be making any moves to reunite any time soon, Love explains, "And you guys have gotta get over it. Our old manager Peter Mensch calls once a year to ask about a reunion: 'Hey, just doing my thing I do every year with you and Jimmy Page [of Led Zeppelin].' And I'm so honored to be in that company, but it's just not gonna happen."

She continued, "we're all really good friends and Melissa and I are especially close—we talk every day. But Eric is kinda off-the-grid right now—I think he's in Japan literally becoming a monk. I'm not even kidding. Melissa, Patty, and I think he's become a monk or something on that level of asceticism." While a Hole get-together is out of the question, fans can catch the singer covering her favorite songs as part of her new video series Bruises of Roses. Her first episode is a cover of "California Stars."