Classic Rock Band at 'A Conclusion' According to Lead Singer: UFO Ends

The classic rock band has been chugging along for decades, but the end has finally come.

Phil Mogg has put a final note on the career of UFO. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the lead singer shared that he felt the group had finally concluded with their last tour before the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I think it's come to a conclusion," the frontman told the outlet. "We did that last U.K. tour in 2019, just before COVID. So that was kind of the end of it and the time was right."

The legendary classic rock band had planned to end their run with a farewell tour, stretching into 2022 with a final show in Athens, Greece on Oct. 29, 2022. After getting back out after COVID, Mogg had another issue sidelining him after a heart attack. He had to have two stents and was under doctor's orders to step back from performing. Any remaining dates were canceled and their final show now stands as a July 2022 show in Germany.

Mogg spoke with Ultimate Classic Rock in conjunction with the re-release of UFO's 1977 classic Lights Out. The release is an expanded version of the classic album from the "golden era" of the band. This includes their first major label release, Phenomenon, and the involvement of legendary lead guitarist Michael Schenker.