BTS Fans Overwhelm With This Show of Support for Band's Reunion in 2025

BTS fans have sent sales of Pandora's Metallic Purple Heart Charm soaring in the UK for a TikTok campaign in support of the group's expected reunion in 2025. The boy band's fans were seen shopping for a purple heart charm from Pandora and flaunting it in a video amassing over 170,000 likes. Over 200% more sales have been reported for the Metallic Purple Heart Charm in the UK in the last month after reports of a possible BTS reunion in 2025. Since member Kim Taehyung used the purple heart emoji to show love to his fans, BTS devotees (aka Armys) have adopted the color purple. A spokesperson at Pandora said, "The Metallic Purple Heart Charm has seen a significant increase in popularity online due to fans' excitement about a possible BTS reunion in 2025. In the last month, we have also noticed a rise in product sales which aligns with this rising TikTok trend, and with press reporting the proposed reunion date."

The members of the K-pop group have unintentionally caused everything from kombucha tea and sandwiches to earrings, bags, and sunglasses to sell out completely. Fans are willing to buy anything to feel closer to their idols, no matter how tenuous the association may be with BTS. A new Artist-Made collection conceptualized and designed by each BTS member included Jin's Good Day and Bad Day pajamas, which sold out in minutes despite concerns about its high cost (at US$110 per set, Jin himself was surprised by the price of the clothing). A Boston bag designed by V disappeared in a flash. Suga's guitar pick necklace and RM's windchimes were also sold out before many Armys could add them to their carts, according to Tatler


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There's no doubt that the sale of these items (and the resulting sell-out) is intentional, just as it is with products from brands BTS endorses, like Samsung, Hyundai, and Louis Vuitton. (RM once caused that $1,330 Louis Vuitton carrot pouch to sell out after he posted a selfie with it in the background). Occasionally, however, BTS members have caused items to fly off the shelves without even intending to when they wear or use specific products in their livestream videos or the Run BTS variety shows. Jungkook addressed his massive impact on companies in 2021 and said he wanted to support small businesses with his power. 


"You guys are interested in what I do and buy products I use," Jungkook said during a livestream. "As you know, because of COVID-19, things are difficult for small businesses. So I want to help them even a little bit." As a result, Jungkook shared that he ignored his clothes but would buy the ones he liked and direct fans toward businesses he supports. "Now I want to dress up more and wear a variety of clothes," he added. "I uploaded a selfie [the other day] of something I enjoyed wearing, and so many fans bought the clothes." In his remarks, he expressed gratitude to his fans for their attention, allowing him to make a difference. The Metallic Purple Heart retails for $35 and can be purchased online at