Billie Eilish's Photo From When She Met Avril Lavigne Is Just Perfect

Billie Eilish just played Saturday Night Live in what was clearly a highlight of her year. However, it might be second place when compared to one of the rising pop star's personal milestones she experienced earlier in 2019. Back on July 12, Eilish, 17, met one of her musical idols: Avril Lavigne. The photo is such a fun sight that fans are still filing into the comments to leave their thoughts all these weeks later.

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The simple photo shows the singers side-by-side, with the "Complicated" singer holding her left arm around Eilish's shoulder. Meanwhile, Eilish, best known for her songs "bad guy" and "when the party's over," sticks out her tongue as she shows off a huge smile and flashing a peace sign. Lavigne, 35, is shown wearing a KISS T-shirt, and Eilish is wearing a baggy, lime green Gucci shirt. Eilish also has fake nails and hair highlights to match the shirt.

In the caption, Eilish geeked out about the meeting, saying that Lavigne and her music "made" her the person and performer she is today.

The photo has racked up a whopping 10 million likes and a steady stream of positive comments about the duo.

"THEY SHOULD TOTALLY COLLAB TOGETHER!!!!" one fan wrote. "They both sing in a familar (sic) style and have similar meanings in their songs!!!"

A second wrote, "dude avril looks healthy [as f—]. so happy to see yall together."

A third chimed in, writing, "THIS IS EVERYTHING. AVRIL MADE ME TOO [oh my God]."

Lavigne also has a shared admiration for the rising talent, as she revealed in a September interview with Billboard.

"It's an honor any time — especially someone as talented and cool and creative as Billie — mentions that I've had an impact on their music career," Lavigne told Billboard. "My approach was always just like, I'm going to be myself, write the songs that I want to write, dress how I want to dress — because when I entered the industry, everyone was showing their bellies and had a bunch of dancers around them and were bubblegum pop, and I was so different. I was dressing in Dickies and Converse and like a dude, and playing loud guitar in my songs."

She added, "We're in a time now where people want real, and they want authentic and they can read past the bullshit," she said. "That was something I always stood my ground on, and I always fought to be true to myself. And she's an artist who is very much herself, and also extremely talented — and that's why it's working for her."


Photo Credit: Denise Truscello/Getty Images for iHeartMedia