Beyonce Fans Convinced She's Pregnant With Baby No. 4

Fans are speculating that Beyonce might be pregnant again after she made a leading gesture at a [...]

Fans are speculating that Beyonce might be pregnant again after she made a leading gesture at a concert over the weekend.

Queen Bey is out on a massive stadium tour around the world with her husband, Jay-Z. On Sunday, the couple performed in Rome, Italy where Beyonce wore a tight sequined dress. Fans thought they saw the very beginnings of a baby bump on the singer, and a few even thought she was giving a hint during a performance of "03 Bonnie & Clyde."

As the song came to a close, Beyonce stood at the front of the stage dancing. She rubbed her hand conspicuously along her midsection and smiled mischievously at the crowd as she finished singing. She then turned and walked away.

"Beyoncé is really pregnant again.. and she's about to be a mother of 4 WOW," one fan proclaimed on Twitter.


Beyonce and Jay-Z already have a six-year-old daughter named Blue Ivy. About a year ago, they welcomed twin boys named Rumi and Sir as well. If Beyonce is indeed pregnant again, this would be their fourth child.

For some hardcore fans of the couple, that is all the proof they need that another child is on the way. The number four has a lot of significance in the famous duo's life and in their work. Both were born on the fourth day of them month -- Beyonce in September and Jay-Z in December. They were also married on April 4, 2008. As members of Beyonce's "Beyhive" fandom often point out, Blue Ivy's middle name includes the roman numeral for four, IV. To top it all off, Beyonce's 2011 album is entitled 4, while Jay-Z dropped an album in 2017 called 4:44.

To devout followers, this makes it all but assured that there is a fourth baby coming one way or another. Not everyone shares that fanaticism. The theory got quite a few laughs online, where people accused the "Beyhive" of reading too far into things.

"I'm going to believe that this is a food baby and she just dancing sexy," wrote one Twitter user.

Many others pointed out that Beyonce waited five years between Blue Ivy and her twins, and it is unlikely that she would get pregnant again at this point.

"She aint pregnant she had twins its hard for her body to snap back," wrote one person.

On top of all of that, Beyonce probably would not be on this whirlwind tour if she really were expecting again. She and Jay-Z only recently released their new album, Everything is Love. In all likelihood, they would wait until after the touring and promotion was over to expand their family.