Bad Bunny and His Partner Might Have Split — Here's What We Know

Bad Bunny has described his relationship with Gabriela Berlingeri as friendship, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating that they're a couple. It's now believed they've split up and are no longer together. Apparently, Berlingeri deleted all Bad Bunny photos from her Instagram account except for a post in December, which is one of the reasons for the rumors. During last year's long Thanksgiving weekend, fans also noticed Gabriela's Instagram had purged Bad Bunny's photos. In May 2022, Bad Bunny gave an exclusive Instagram Live, during which he addressed his connection with Berlingeri. The Puerto Rican singer revealed that he and Berlingeri only have a relationship as best friends, but they could have a relationship at any time."Gabriela Berlingeri and I are close friends, best friends, besties... nobody knows that we are best friends. If tomorrow she wants to have a boyfriend, she can have one because we are friends, just like me, if I want to have a girlfriend, I can have one because we are best friends," he said.

The Latin music star admitted at the time that he did not have a girlfriend during the nearly two-hour conversation, which covered his personal life and career. Due to their frequent sightings together, including at the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards, rumors regarding Bad Bunny's relationship with Berlingeri began to spread. They lived together, and she had starred in many Bad Bunny videos, but he has clearly stated that there are no sentimental ties between them and that they are just friends."You guys don't really know anything. Gabriela and I are such close friends, we are best friends. People say, Gabriela is your girlfriend, she is your wife; nobody knows what Gabriela is; right now, she and I are best friends," he said. His live broadcast included Berlingeri herself, with whom he sent a message to all his followers by saying that his private life is his alone, despite the gossip that surrounds him. "My private life is so private that they don't know anything."


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Despite Bad Bunny's assertions, many believed that he and Berlingeri had been romantically involved since their first encounter. The duo met in a Puerto Rico restaurant in 2017 while Bad Bunny was eating dinner with his family, according to Rolling Stone. Since then, they were often seen together. Last year, a music video for his song "Tití Me Preguntó" featured them getting married to one another. They were also seen at least once together on the red carpet and at an NBA basketball game in Brooklyn. The situation seems to have changed, and in January, Bad Bunny was spotted sitting next to a mystery blonde at an NBA game, which fueled the negative speculation.  Apparently, Bad Bunny and his companion have been acquainted for some time, according to the Mexican newspaper Publimetro. She is rumored to be one of his dancers who performed at his Phoenix, Arizona concert, according to various TikTok videos. The relationship between Bad Bunny and Berlingeri seems to be strained to fans, regardless of whether they are just friends or more. Nevertheless, their supporters hope they can overcome this rough patch and eventually find happiness.