Avicii's 'Secret' Girlfriend Reveals They Planned to Have a Child

Late electronic musician Avicii's girlfriend has spoken out about their extensive relationship, which was kept hidden until now.

Model Tereza Kačerová posted a long letter to Instagram on Friday, paired with a video of never-before-seen photos of the DJ, whose real name is Tim Bergling, and herself.

The brightest stars burn out the fastest.

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Over the long note, Kačerová reveals numerous details about the couple's relationship and how she and her son Luka have coped with the loss. Toward the end, she reveals that the couple intended to have a child together. She had wished to keep their relationship private and decided a pregnancy would be the only way she would make it public.

"I was always very set on keeping our relationship private because I wanted it to be OURS and ours only and wanted no part in that madness," Kačerová wrote. "But I thought, if I'm going to share this with the world, it will be when pregnant with our child. Ohhh, how that plan went awry."

Elsewhere in the note, she details all the various aspects of their relationship, such as their first date where Avicii bought a shop's entire stock of roses for her, their times playing Monopoly as a family, their Harry Potter movie marathons and a special diamond bracelet Avicii recently purchased for her.

She went into detail about her son's bond with Avicii and how she hopes to keep his memories of the late father-figure alive.

"I used to tell you that Luka will never remember a life without you. Now I will hope that he will remember his life WITH you," she wrote. "I'll be there to remind him. I'll show him the videos of him constantly calling out to you wherever he and I were."

At the end of the tribute, Kačerová closed with a thought that she found comfort in.


"I read that before he died, Thomas Edison came out of a coma, looked upwards and said, 'It is very beautiful up there,'" she wrote. "I take comfort in that. REST IN PEACE, TIN (which was Luka's nickname for him). Try to come back to Earth soon so that you and Luka can play together again."

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❤️ Part 2/2 *** NOTE: Mexican Coke = Coca Cola obviously. ***

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