AMAs 2019: Watch Exact Moments Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Cheer for Each Other

It was a big night for women at the AMAs this year, and fans can't get enough of singers like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez cheering each other on. The artists honored at this year's award show were all genuinely supportive of each other, creating a powerful environment. Fans picked up on this and discussed the highlights online.

The ladies of the Millennial generation took over the American Music Awards of 2019, from Taylor Swift being honored as the Artist of the Decade to Selena Gomez putting on her first live TV performance in two years. Fans were all the more touched because these two are friends in real life as well.

One Twitter use was so moved they even stitched the two videos together. As shown in the tweet below, the left side shows Swift cheering for Gomez as she sings on-stage, while the right shows Gomez applauding Swift during her acceptance speech.

In spite of their victories, both singers have a long road of trials ahead of them. Swift generated lots of controversy before the AMAs when she posted a public note about her old record label, Big Machine Records, its CEO, Scott Borchetta and her former manager, Scooter Braun. Swift explained that she would not be allowed to sing a medley of her songs throughout at the decade at the AMAs, as she had planned, because the two had threatened legal action against her.

In spite of this drama, Swift took home five wins at the AMAs, and put on a show-stopping performance. Her legal battle continues off-stage, and Swift will get the intellectual property rights to her music back starting next year.

Gomez, meanwhile, has been out of commission for a while now due to serious medical conditions. The singer suffers from lupus, and even needed a kidney transplant to survive the chronic illness. This is a big part of the reason she has not put out original music since 2015, and has not performed live on TV since 2017.

That all changed this month, however. Gomez had a triumphant return to the spotlight with a number 1 hit this month, and she sang two songs at the AMAs. Sources close to her told PEOPLE that she suffered a panic attack just before going on stage.

"She definitely had a panic attack. She was nervous. She hasn't been on stage in two years, and it's an important song in her career," a source close to Gomez told the outlet. "She really wanted to deliver... It threw her off. She did sound better at rehearsal."

Nevertheless, Gomez persevered, and the insider added that her not got back on track as she went out afterwards.

"She had fun afterwards with her friends and family and was in good spirits," they said.


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