AMAs 2019: Ozzy Osbourne's Hand Waving Gets Scorched on Twitter

During Sunday night's 2019 American Music Awards show, Ozzy Osbourne took the stage with Post Malone and Travis Scott to perform the song "Take What You Want" and the heavy metal legend spent part much of the song waving in the background. On Twitter, viewers have been scorching the scene, which also featured a fiery set. "Ozzy Osbourne should not throw his hands in the air and wave em like he just don't care," one Twitter user joked.

"I'm so disappointed my Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osborne was on stage swaying his arms like a 13 year old girl," another person joked.

"Ozzy waving in the air while singing w/ Post Malone was my stand out moment tonight," someone else said.

Not everyone was critical of Osboure's hand waving, however, as some defended him, and others even loved it.

"Just watched @PostMalone's AMAs performance with Ozzy and Travis. I know I'm late, but that was quite the show! I'm surprised they didn't burn the place down with all that fire at the end," one fan wrote.

"Ozzy was just trying to get the crowd pumped up in the only way he could," someone else offered. "I imagine he still can't do a lot of movement after everything he went through. Plus I also imagine he doesn't much about rap music."

"Ozzy at 70 sounded amazing, rhythm.... well uhh not so much but you can't say anything about that guys singing. I have kids asking me who that old guy is with Post Malone... blasphemy!!" another fan quipped.

"Ozzy Osbourne is the only person in the Rock & Roll world who's more intelligible when he's singing than when he's talking," one other user said sarcastically.

"Can someone please explain what Ozzy Osborne was doing on stage with Post Malone? Hands are all over the place," a viewer commented.

"Ozzy is me trying to wave my mom down in the grocery store when she made me hold our place in line but we're next to check out," another Twitter user joked.


Photo Credit: Getty Images