AMAs 2019: Billie Eilish Fan Says She Looks Like a Beekeeper in Red Carpet Outfit

Billie Eilish isn't one to ever lack confidence when she sees herself at an awards ceremony event. It wasn't any different for her at the 2019 American Music Awards as she sported quite the look on the red carpet. The "Bad Guy" singer was rocking what appeared to be a black and yellow flannel with the sleeves having mesh fabric.

That look combined with see-through mesh headwear had fans buzzing, including one viewer who tweeted out that she looks like a beekeeper.

One user commented, "Billie Eilish has always flaunted her #Uniqueness in style wears! So she kept it consistent with this look tonight!"

While many viewers felt the look was bold, others took it another way, feeling it was a bit too over the top.

"Now you look at this..what do you call this? She can't be the icon for this generation," one user commented.

Eilish will be quite busy when the AMAs kick off at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. She is nominated for six awards, including New Artist of the Year and Favorite Female Artist. She will also be performing on stage at some point during the show.

In a recent Instagram post, Eilish explained a scene after her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live where she was approached by a group of fans and eventually turned them away after realizing they were merely there to sell items on Ebay.

"I started to walk away because I realized none of these people actually cared about anything that had to do with me as a person," Eilish shared on her Instagram. "I walked over there only to say Hi, only to hug people and I got pictures of me shoved into my f—ing face. I got no love whatsoever, so I left and then I got booed and [got] called a little b— and got told I was going to lose my Grammy nominations."


Eilish said the group then shouted aggressive comments towards her, to which she said only amplifies the point she was trying to make about not dealing with "fans" who really don't care about her.

The American Music Awards air on ABC and kick off at 8 p.m. ET.